NoWEM started from a group of three. We come from different countries, different backgrounds and face different challenges in our personal and professional lives.

Yet we found ourselves united in our place of work with a common vision – we dream of a more connected, empathetic, egalitarian and kind culture in Emergency Medicine.

The more we have reached out, the more we realise that there are women and men both near and far who share this vision. We decided to create a forum to bring together like-minded people, and to discuss and promote these ideals.

We love Emergency Medicine, and we want it to be the best it can be – for everyone. But there is work to do.

Men are promoted, published and paid more than women. Sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation still happen, and all too often fly under the radar, for fear that speaking up will just make things worse.

There are unique practical challenges for women, particularly during pregnancy, breast-feeding and while caring for young children – and all the more so for women who undergo fertility treatment.

There are unfounded and unfair assumptions made about women’s capacity to lead, our ambition to succeed and our commitment to our careers.

Balancing work, study, family and personal wellbeing is challenging enough without the added burden of these issues.

NoWEM is about fostering an affirming and supportive community, which allows us to address these issues in a constructive way. We are a safe space to talk, a resource hub, a place to exchange ideas, a social network and a platform to take action.

We welcome men who share our belief in equality and want to collaborate with us to achieve it.

We welcome people of colour and acknowledge the additional dimensions of disadvantage they experience.

We welcome LGBTQ+ people, whose relationships and identities offer unique insights into the discussion about gender equality. If you share our dream of a kinder and more inclusive profession, you are welcome!

To get involved, sign up to our mailing list for regular updates and articles. Come along to our events. Join the conversation on social media. Get to know the amazing women all around us in Emergency Medicine. So far, our events have all been based in Sydney – if you would like to host a NoWEM event in your city or town please be in touch!

Come on board, and we can make change together.