EM Textbooks

We recommend you familiarise yourselves with the following titles in order to improve your understanding and approach to EM conditions. Those marked with * are available free through CIAP. Others can be found in the registrar common room.

‘B’ identifies beginner level textbooks and ‘C’ identifies more comprehensive registrar level textbooks.

Cameron et al. (2019). 'Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine.' (C)

Cameron et al. (2018). 'Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine.' (C)

Mattu & Brady. 'ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1 & 2.' (C)

McRae et al. 'Practical Fracture Management.' (C)

Murray et al. (2015). 'Toxicology Handbook, 3rd edition.' (C)

Roberts & Hedges' (2019) Emergency Medicine Procedures (C)

Rosen's Emergency Medicine (2017) - Concepts & Clinical Practice (C)

*Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine (B&C)