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Trainee Support

As a member of the Campbelltown team, you will be supported by the staff specialist, VMO, NUM and CNE group who are all friendly and approachable, all of which have an emphasis on staff wellness and wellbeing, particularly during our current circumstances. 

We have developed a strong relationship with our inpatient colleagues through the development of an admission matrix, ensuring patient care is first and foremost, and admitting calls and interactions are collegiate and pleasant. 

CV development in order to prepare you for your next interview and make sure you stand out from the rest.

You will have regular opportunities to seek advice and support from the DEMT and staff specialist groups, in addition to being provided a staff specialist mentor to ease your transition into a new department.


Daily drills in difficult airway management and simulation in adult, paediatric and newborn life support scenarios.

Fortnightly paid and protected education days which align with the ACEM curriculum and include current evidence based didactic, practical, and simulation based sessions.

Education website with access to comprehensive core procedural training, and accreditation, investigation interpretation and approach to common ED presentations.

A comprehensive local ACEM Primary and Fellowship preparation program including video tutorials and daily face to face MCQ and VIVA / OSCE practice.

An education fund available to ACEM and unaccredited trainees (ACEM trainees $3500/yr and non ACEM trainees $2500/yr).

Special Skills Opportunities

Our consultant group hold a CCPU and other certified qualifications across a number of POCUS modules  allowing you the opportunity to achieve competency in ACEMs core ultrasound scans.

Campbelltown has its own ACEM and ASUM accredited POCUS course to assist you in achieving POCUS accreditation.

Our consultant group have a variety of special interest areas which are readily available to you and include regional anesthesthesia, medical education and simulation, wellness and wellbeing, toxicology and many more. 

Research Opportunities

Get involved in local research projects which include FAKT, SABRE, ROX studies. 

QA and QI Opportunities

As a trainee you will be granted the opportunity to sit on one of our many departmental committees which includes education, ultrasound, acute/resus, paediatrics, disaster, wellness / welbeing, allowing you access to QA/QI projects unlike other departments.